trip notes


Delhi - first day in Delhi

Leh - arrive in Ladakh and stay in the Padma Guesthouse

Geshe-la - Geshe-la's going away celebration

Gompas - touring the gompas (monestaries) around Leh

Trek 1 - first day of trekking towards Lingshed

Trek 2 - more trekking...

Trek 3 - reaching Lingshed after 6 days

Lingshed - arriving in Lingshed - the mini-monks were curious to meet us!

Party - party with the cultural troupe

Seminar - two days of Buddhist Seminars, and Richard's stay at the monestary

Family Homestay - our stay with a Lingshed family, and a few more parties thrown in

Trek Out 1 - first part of the trek back out

Trek Out 2 - last leg of the trek

Lapsong's Wedding - the bit of it that we saw before we had to fly back out to Delhi

Taj Mahal - Agra and the Taj