Day 6 - San Gimignano


You could say that we wussed out and skipped a day of biking, or you could say that we found the historic beauty of the village of San Gimingiano so compelling that we couldn't imagine leaving Tuscany without having spent a day experiencing it. You decide...



Our legs didn't get a complete break today - we climbed many many staircases to reach the top of one of the towers. It view from the top was incredible. Here's a look at one of the towers from the bottom, and then from the top...

The town and surrounding country-side - wow!

Stan and Richard made a friend outside the Museum of Torture. It's a little frightening how much they enjoyed the exhibits.

While the boys were off being creepy, i did some shopping! These two ceramic platters actually survived the trip back to Seattle and are waiting to be hung in the dining room.

All cleaned up for dinner...

The Kaethler brothers - what a charming duo :-)


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