Our first day in Italy, we met up with Stan, Bassam, Howard, and Claudia from back home and did the one-day whirl-wind tour of Florence. Looking back, it's pretty amazing what we managed to squeeze in...

You can't possibly go to Florence without visiting David!

I can't remember the name of this church, but WOW... what a ceiling!

This is the Duomo, the main cathedral of the city. The dome actually has an inner and an outer set of walls and roof, with staircases sandwiched inbetween. We figured climbing those stairs would be good training for the up-coming bike ride.

This is the view from the top. Look at all those big hills in the distance. You don't think they're going to make us bike up those, do you?

The next few pictures are of Boboli Gardens and the view from the gardens.

The famous Pont du vecchio.

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