Goats and Sheep at the farm...

The goats were very social and friendly. There were a few in particular who were always at the front of the line for attention. I couldn't get many good pictures of them, because when i stepped back to grab the camera, they immediately followed and were too close to photograph!
On my first day at the farm, i remember reminding myself to be careful when getting close to the goats to stay aware of their horns and make sure i didn't get skewered! I was amazed as i got to know the goats how friendly they were and how sensitive they were to where i was and where their horns were. They would go out of their way to move their heads around to avoid hitting me. I found that to be very touching.

The sheep were beautiful and peaceful animals. These ones in particular were almost ferral - they'd been living wild on an island. Unfortunately the island was privately owned and the owner decided they had to go. They luckily ended up at Farm Sanctuary, but because of their background they are shy around people, so i didn't get to spend much time with them.


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Sheep and Goats